Friday, 31 May 2013

Theory No.2

Robin and I were discussing our romantic lives, hers being much more realistic than mine. I will carry on believing that Spock would be the best boyfriend ever and no one can stop me! But while we were doing this, it some how got to me dating Sheldon, or the actor who plays him. To which my retort was:

"Well, he's openly gay." (I wrote as a volcanoes exploded on the screen and some people with thick accents spoke.)

One thing led to another, a theory was born, and I now possess a list of attractive real men, as opposed to fictional. This list was compiled with input from Robin, my ex boyfriend's best friend, and two other people who will remain unmentioned. Once the list was compiled, I nearly got beat up for not liking Matt Smith as the Doctor. The moral of that tangent is most geeks at my school are mean geeks who only believe in one who thing, instead of many possible variants. Because Johnlock is so a thing. Sherlock Holmes totally has a thing for Watson. Duh. Just like 10 and Rose, except... Back on topic. The list goes as follows, and I'll include something they're known for. Because that'll help. 

David Tennant (Doctor Who)
Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness)
Adam Levine (Maroon 5)
Chris Evans (Captain America)
Robert Downy Jr. (Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes)
Neil Patrick Harris (Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog)
John Barrowman (Torchwood, Doctor Who)
Harrison Ford (Star Wars)
Nathan Fillion (Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog)
Leo DiCaprio (The Great Gatsby, Django Unchained)
Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers)
Zachary Quinto (2009 Star Trek)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Dark Knight Rises) 
Ewan McGregor (The Star Wars prequels)
Jeremy Renner (The Avengers)
Chris Eccleston (Doctor Who)
Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)
Daniel Craig (Skyfall)
Karl Urban (Star Trek Into Darkness, Dredd)

If you study this list, they're all supposedly great people, even if they have rather sketchy pasts. Generally, they all have great hair or are involved with something 'geeky'. Out of the 19 people listed, 8 of them are not from North America. At least three of them are gay. At least five, but probably more, are married. And all of them are a good ten or twenty years older than I am. This is my problem. All the famous people I find attractive are already on their way to be being fathers and doing great things, while I watch from my corner of the world. This doesn't bug me, it's not like I want to bear their children or anything, just a hug and a hair ruffle. Or maybe I fell in love with their characters. But if it's one thing I know for sure, they're not in my ballpark nor are they an appropriate age. So what you should have gotten from this is my second theory; 

All the good men are either gay or taken. 

Hasn't this been fun. Someday I'll be less winded, but until then, 

Observe the mighty David Tennant in his natural habitat- A place with Doctor Who. Also, a Dalek. 

A thought- 
Belly buttons are kind of useless. And weird. Where'd all that skin come from anways. 

Ask Me Why

So I know this guy, he is truly amazing. He is the type of guy that will be the shoulder you can cry on when you are sad. The one that is the first person to make you laugh when you are crying. He just got told by the girl he liked that she wants to just be friends. I said good, you deserve better, but he doesn’t think he does. He doesn’t see how truly amazing he is so, I am dedicating the post to him. Dallas this is why I think you’re amazing. You’re always there for me, no matter what it is! When my boyfriend cheated on me and I was confused you were there telling me everything would work out. When I forgave him you were the only one besides batman that wasn’t pissed off at me and thought I was a complete moron for forgiving him and taking him back. You never shove your opinion at people you always wait for people to ask your opinion. Every time I take out my anger on you, you take it and forgive me after; you’re the wall I rely on to keep me from falling. You would never let anything happened to those you care about, even if they piss you off. You’re so loyal and kind! Your one of the sweetest people I know you always know exactly what to say. So yes maybe you are just Dallas to those who don’t know you, maybe you are just another face in the crowed, but to the select few that know the real you, you on that face in the crowed they look for to get them through the day. To that right girl and believe me Dallas you will find her you will be the reason she wakes up in the morning! You’ll be the reason she keeps a smile on her face! You may not see it but I do Dallas and so will she. Thank you for being my bestie!

Thought for the idiots of the world
 Next time you are faced with something instead of asking why me try asking why not me!


Thursday, 30 May 2013

The bloodhound nose

I Robin have come to the conclusion that I have been cursed with the talent of finding assholes as boyfriend. Ever since a guy that I dated for 9 months mine and the relationship I set up Batman with have been assholes. It's like that boogie monster under the bed that no matter how hard you try it never leaves. So for all you single idiots out there never ask for dating advice from Robin or Batman we are better at dumbing people trust me Batman well tell you how she dumped her asshole. It was hilarious!!!

Thought for the idiots of the world.
Why do we say it's pretty ugly, they are oposites of each other! 


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Baby volcanoes with zits

So today in science class (we come up with a lot of our ideas in science class) we were reviewing for our chapter 12 test. This is the unit where we talk about volcanoes, and our teacher was talking about shield volcanoes. Our teacher explains it as it goes over a hot spot and the just pops up and it made me think of a baby poping up and out when it is born. Batman thinks that volcanoes are like the zits of the earth sooner or later it'll just pop and ooze out. 

Thought for the idiots of the world. 
Why is that we say I'll do that in a new York second what makes a new York second so special?