Monday, 17 June 2013

Emotional Dump part 1

I watch Doctor Who. I've written two incredibly odd fan-fictions, one with licking and one with an asexual doctor. But when I was watching it, I was dating an anus with not enough skills to even care for a dead fish. So naturally, I have a lot of pent up rage/joy/confusion over the last five or six years I've watched. Plus it's easier to tell my current boyfriend if I write it in blog post. Texts are just so hard. So what am I going to touch on? Anything I can remember, though mostly to flesh out how most relationships in Doctor Who end badly. Or just way too sad, so sad that you lose sleep. But let's start this trip down the rabbit hole. 

The Ninth Doctor

One season. One mother freaking season. You know what it did in that season? It managed to introduce a ton if important characters, and make me cry (though that's not hard). Mickey loved Rose, and Rose was kind of indifferent when she ran away with the Doctor. Then as the Doctor fell in love with Rose, she decided she liked Captain motherfreaking Jack Harkness. 

The singular Doctor Who character who is so... flamboyant? Maybe what I'm trying to say is if he tried to make love to a Dalek, he would totally make that Dalek melt. Speaking of daleks... They used to be so cute! I wanted to cuddle all of them, but then they managed to scare the holy hell out of me. Then they made Rose angry. 

(That's the wrong doctor though. Oops.)

(Spoilers for Nine are coming. Brace yourself.) 

So they ended up on the game station. Jack gets stripped naked and Nine is totally freaking out. Then Rose gets separated and they save her eventually. I don't member all the episode, but I remember the end. Rose swallows the TARDIS and Nine kisses her to take it himself. Of course, she manages to bring a whole bunch of people, most importantly Jack, back from the dead. All is well. Except Nine goes up in lights and suddenly David Tennant. This is also known as regernation. But Nine and Rose loved each other! Oh, and Mickey is ignored, for the most part. 

After watching that last episode I cried. Couldn't watch another one until the night after. I was a mess. A calm, sobbing mess. That's when I went on Pinterest and pinned away my sorrows. Little did I know it would get worse 

Look at David Tennant's hair. Look at that hair. It's ridiculous. 


A thought- Why does necrophelia exist? If you don't know what that is, google it. 

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