Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A quick thought

So I think it's high time I took up a new hobby. I mean, harp, knitting, concert band, piano, and school just can't cut it for me. Plus this afternoon I loudly exclaimed that I was too busy to sustain a drug use habit, and I just spent a good three hours playing dress up games while listening to TGWTG alone. So....I think I might try and learn Russian. So there's the first part of my experience. Do or do not, there is no try. But first I have to get killer good at that alphabet. Get this; They have thirty characters. That's just way out of my league, guys.

What I'm thinking about doing is regurgitating what I learn here, a sort of way to learn and embed everything in my head. My mother always wanted me to go into linguistics.

Maybe I'm just too smart for my own good. Plus all this loneliness can be put to good use. After all, I want to go to Russia. Even if I'm the white christian girl who probably would get awful things done to. I just.... ART MUSEUM.



A thought- omegle isn't that bad now. they updated it!

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