Sunday, 7 July 2013

My best friend, Sherlock Holmes, is dead.

Watching Sherlock with the family and four younger siblings is increasingly awkward. The first time, they jjust kind of paid attention while I folded their laundry, but now they actively watch it when it's on. Like, stop and observe the show. My brothers were all shades of confused and maybe threatened by my 'obsession' with Benedict Cumberbatch. (I got a boyfriend and since then it's gotten a little less creepy) Honestly, it wasn't that bad of an obsession. He is a good person. Plus, now I have upwards of 2000 pins on Pinterest!

But watching the show got weird. I would be rewatching episodes and doing chores or practicing harp, knowing what will happen and reciting some of the lines that I already know, when suddenly my littlest sister is watching. Or my brother. In fact one time I didn't know anyone was watching the Fall of Rienbach with me, but when I paused the show to switch laundry loads, I heard my brother sigh dramatically from upstairs. 

The most misunderstood parts that fly right over those younger heads are the relationships. John and Sherlock totally love each other. Every gay joke or moment of suspicion between those two British men go in one ear and out the other. Honestly, it bugs me because who can I discuss lightly shipping Johnlock with? I'm the only one of my friend circle who totally believes in light Johnlock. Though one time I got lost on fanfiction and read some pretty interesting things. Then again, I don't want to discuss implied homosexuality with my 6 year old sister. There is no winning in this situation. 

Worst of all, my parents aren't at all caring about it. My dad told me to stop watching it, and now whenever he sees it on he says 'Oh look it's Benedict Cumberbitch'. My mom wouldn't comfort me during the Fall of Rienbach. In fact, she told me to stop screaming. I complied with a sad look on my face. I watched the opening scene of that episode, and it reminded me of Doctor Who. So I dropped the iPad (I was using Netflix) and walked right out of my room. I finished it the next day. 

In the end, watching Sherlock was a great decision, albeit a little depressing. It is also my way of acting out. Damn, I'm so rebellious.

Are you wearing pants? 


A thought- American firework shows are better than Canadian ones. 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Emotional Dump part...4

This will be the last one, focusing on the new regeneration and new companion set. I will limit myself to four emotional dumps, but when I start reviewing episodes and writing down the dumb shit I do daily, there no limit. I plan on taking a short break though soon, possibly because I'll be gone two weeks and have nothing written for the fanfic sequel I promised. 

The Eleventh Doctor

Goodbye David Tennant. I miss you. Matt Smith, in my opinion, is okay. He isn't the best, nor is he the worst. Enjoyable in his own merits. With some okay hair. He stumbles upon Amy Pond, both when she's young and older. Like 20-30s older, not grey hair and lines. Though that does happen. She blows off her wedding to Rory, the nurse, so she can go snog the Doctor on her wedding night. Rory really loves her, and so they do get married due to time travel. Then they have a kid, but don't know it quite yet. But they travel a lot with this mysterious lady called River Song. They don't know who she is, and when they ask, she says spoilers. It is hilarious. 

Well, turns out, and spoilers, that River Song is really Melody Pond and actually the child of the Ponds/Williams AND she marries the Doctor. 

The worst part is her timeline is going backwards and so she dies before she meets the Doctor. It's heartbreaking. But as we move along, Amy and Rory divorce and then they don't and then they die. It's heartbreaking. Matt Smith gets sad.

Then Clara! She's the impossible girl, makes the Doctor forget about the Ponds, River is dead-ish, and all is well. The name of the Doctor was super confusing but all in all ten out of ten would cry again. Did I mention she dies three times? Yeah. Confusing. 

Essentially, all this heartbreaking Doctor Who stuff was just condensed. Damn. But if you are to take anything from this, it's that ya'll should watch Doctor Who. 

Look at those angles. 


A thought- I just used 'ya'll' in a blog post and I'm so not sorry. Suckers. 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Nothing Says Mature like DLFLN

Last night, as I was scrolling Pinterest with my siblings, and came upon this;

Nothing more to really say, just wanted to share this very inappropriate tumblr page that has managed to render me in a state of giggles. I've found a way just to see the ones that have Belle, and man am I enjoying ruining my childhood.

So have fun, kids!


A thought- Lakes are better than swimming pools.