Friday, 14 February 2014


How about I write about something fricking awesome. But just saying that this post was just about awesome things would be really vague. I would be able to go on for hours upon hours and never lose any material. Plus that term has such a switchable meaning, and different people interpret things differently. So I really should just cut right down to the meat and bone of this post; Hetalia is a fricking awesome great show. Now here's five reasons why.

Yeah, I'm making a post about anime. It's partially being a passive aggressive soul who's bitter and guilty (not elaborating on that. ever.) and the fact that I just started the fourth season and I am so close to being able to start Beautiful World. No spoilers!

1) These countries are made really easy to learn about. My socials teacher, God bless his soul, said it best when he said that countries act like people because they are composed of people. When you pair that with 'if it looks like _, smells like _, and tastes like _, then it must be _ ' philosophy, the end result is definitely Hetalia. Each country is stereotyped into a singular person, and they interact like people do. And as long as you kind of know which character is which, it works out well for everyone. (there are lists for that sort of thing.)

2) It's simplifying something that might have taken forever to learn really well, or was really boring, and making it interesting. I never had this issue when learning about WW1 or WW2, mostly because I'm a nerd and got super great marks in socials. But watching the series before writing my final was like a summary, a friendly reminder. So maybe if you've got a few hours to blow... just saying!

3) An awful lot of European countries are represented, therefore presenting the spark of curiosity that may end up in something fabulous. Personally, I can vouch for this. Before I watched this, I knew I wanted to travel, but only to like those British Islands and France, maybe. But now, especially when watching the Olympics, it's become more like "Where is that country? I want to go there.". So now that list that I had of maybe four countries has fucktupled in size. Mind you, I may never get to go to Russia. Though God knows I really want to; St. Petersburg has a super killer art museum. I learned about that one in a movie I watched called 'Russian Ark'. 

4) The episodes are super duper short. Sherlock still has the longest run time for an episode of something, according to me. Doctor Who is pretty long. Supernatural is rather short, or at least in the beginning seasons. But Hetalia? Five minute episodes. Sure, there might be 24 episodes in a season, but so does How I Met Your Mother. Which marathon is shorter; HIMYM or Hetalia? 

5) Even if you don't like anime usually, watch it for the narration.  For real though, the narrator is the biggest passive aggressive shit storm in a positive way. I just watched an episode in season four that involved France creating the codpiece, and she had some very choice words. Mostly giant fake penis, and challenging everyone to bring it back into fashion. I think that would be kind of funny. I beg of you, universe, make it so it's cool to wear those again. I need to laugh at quality entertainment, not of me calling a zebra a giraffe and Robin accidentally clicking on a website designed for gay men to receive massages. 

See, that wasn't so bad, was it? I understand that anime is definitely not everyone's media, but like any good tv show, just watch the first episode. Well, the first two. 10 minutes of madness, and then decide if it's worth your time to pick your way through. Plus if you're watching it on Netflix, fair warning, it will mess up all your suggestions. I'm currently trying to recreate what I once had on my Netflix, and I fear it will never return. Oh well, #YOLO. 

Read on past here or not; I don't honestly care! Time for the bonus round! Don't worry, just a few more reasons why you should watch the show. 

6) Germany and Italy are so gay for each other. It's a canon ship and everything. France/England kind of a ship too, but a little less obvious. Plus there is wiggle room in that one, I guess. 

7) Stereotypes are kind of funny. Well, that's putting it mildly. They're fricking hilarious. I won't elaborate, but there is about a whole two minutes dedicated to Germany getting ridiculed for NOT drinking beer.

8) France. I know that this one is especially subject to personal tastes. According to a friend, he doesn't have a very good fandom representation, but I think he's adorable. I mean, long hair? Kind of has animated facial hair? Genius! Also, I might have daddy issues. 

9) France and Russia combined OR Germany with his hair not combed back kind of look like Evgeni Plushenko. Since none of you have shown enough dedication to move to Canada and be my friend (please?), I feel it is best to inform you that Mr. Plushenko is that cutie Russian figure skater that had to drop out of the Olympics and retire due to a severe back injury. 

See the resemblance? I couldn't find any of Germany without his hair slicked back. (read as I'm a lazy fucker.)

Well, I technically should be asleep right now. Whoopsie. My tumblr dash right now is clogged with Hetalia posts. Unf, I might not make it out alive. 


A thought- The 70's had some really good pop tunes. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A quick thought

So I think it's high time I took up a new hobby. I mean, harp, knitting, concert band, piano, and school just can't cut it for me. Plus this afternoon I loudly exclaimed that I was too busy to sustain a drug use habit, and I just spent a good three hours playing dress up games while listening to TGWTG alone. So....I think I might try and learn Russian. So there's the first part of my experience. Do or do not, there is no try. But first I have to get killer good at that alphabet. Get this; They have thirty characters. That's just way out of my league, guys.

What I'm thinking about doing is regurgitating what I learn here, a sort of way to learn and embed everything in my head. My mother always wanted me to go into linguistics.

Maybe I'm just too smart for my own good. Plus all this loneliness can be put to good use. After all, I want to go to Russia. Even if I'm the white christian girl who probably would get awful things done to. I just.... ART MUSEUM.



A thought- omegle isn't that bad now. they updated it!