Friday, 31 May 2013

Ask Me Why

So I know this guy, he is truly amazing. He is the type of guy that will be the shoulder you can cry on when you are sad. The one that is the first person to make you laugh when you are crying. He just got told by the girl he liked that she wants to just be friends. I said good, you deserve better, but he doesn’t think he does. He doesn’t see how truly amazing he is so, I am dedicating the post to him. Dallas this is why I think you’re amazing. You’re always there for me, no matter what it is! When my boyfriend cheated on me and I was confused you were there telling me everything would work out. When I forgave him you were the only one besides batman that wasn’t pissed off at me and thought I was a complete moron for forgiving him and taking him back. You never shove your opinion at people you always wait for people to ask your opinion. Every time I take out my anger on you, you take it and forgive me after; you’re the wall I rely on to keep me from falling. You would never let anything happened to those you care about, even if they piss you off. You’re so loyal and kind! Your one of the sweetest people I know you always know exactly what to say. So yes maybe you are just Dallas to those who don’t know you, maybe you are just another face in the crowed, but to the select few that know the real you, you on that face in the crowed they look for to get them through the day. To that right girl and believe me Dallas you will find her you will be the reason she wakes up in the morning! You’ll be the reason she keeps a smile on her face! You may not see it but I do Dallas and so will she. Thank you for being my bestie!

Thought for the idiots of the world
 Next time you are faced with something instead of asking why me try asking why not me!


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