Monday, 30 December 2013

Monkeybrain Junkybrain

I've discovered something absolutely perfect and altogether one of the best things to ever exist on the internet. I know I say this a lot, but believe me. It's actual perfection. Now, I know it's another British Television show and doesn't translate well to American/Canadian ways in some instances. But that doesn't mean it's less than what it is; actual genius. 

So some dude named Jimmy who has a freakishly adorable laugh does this thing where he hosts a big year end quiz. They've called it 'The Big Fat Quiz of (whatever year it is)' and get's comedians from England to come and partake. Now, I know that it's a little innapropirate, so don't watch it with your kids unless you want to explain Russel Brand to them. 

I've watched two, so far. The one from 2006 with Russel Brand and Noel Fielding being absolute fuck heads, and the 2013 one. Noel Fielding, although insanely odd, is kind of great. He's also on Nevermind the Buzzcocks, which is another one of those quiz shows, but I've only really seen the episode with David Tennant. Sorry. I have watched a few more episodes, but mostly that one.

On topic, he's fucking adorable. 

So if you're bored this holiday season, or sad because your family has been nothing but dysfunctional. Maybe you're all alone in your bedroom sleeping off the Christmas food you ate too much of. Or maybe you've watched Matt Smith's regeneration and have been in a state of denial and sadness for a few days. It's okay. This show, last night when I watched it, made me laugh my mf'ing ass off. I was up until midnight. 

I must thank Tumblr, though, for a second. They showed me a gif set of Russel Brand and Noel getting into all sorts of mischief (Why did two rowers row the Atlantic naked? The real answer was chaffing, but they thought it was because they were in love.) and didn't tell me where it was from. But the good lord looked down upon my pathetic life and put that post explaining what it was to me. Honestly, it is one of the best decisions. Right up there with reading Naked Lunch and taking Art Class. 


A thought- Who invented the selfie? 

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