Monday, 30 December 2013


Once again, I watched an absoluty gorgeous film. I really need to broaden my writing horizons, but it's winter break. I haven't left the house since the 27th or something like that, and I've done nothing but read and watch movies. On the bright side, The Wind That Shakes the Barley and The Invisible War were pretty good. 

So Frozen. Since it was so great, I'm going to keep this rather spoiler free, meaning nothing is rather spoilery until you see the movie and then you're like "Damn that crazy bitch gave me a spoiler". To which, I'd like to reply with a middle finger and pelt you with discarded drafts of the same fucking fanfic I've been trying to write. There's an idea for a blog post. 

But we open with a dark as fuck opening, where Elsa harms her sister Anna, due to Elsa not being able to control her powers. Anna's memory is then wiped of her sister's powers, and life continues. Not was well though, as Anna is shut out of Elsa's life, and has to cope with being alone in the castle, and has to deal with the death of their parents. Until Elsa's coronation, because she's hit the age when all Disney Princesses fly up to the Queen status. There's a song, and with that song I have a funny story.

As Anna was running around, being all excited that the palace doors were opening so that everyone could come visit and she could meet people, I was fucking bawling. I don't really know why. Because I was able to see a princess movie musical, and I couldn't remember how long it had been since I last got to. Plus the movie is fecking gorgeous. Like, the animation is so pretty. 

At this coronation ball, Elsa is freaking out because what if her powers show, what if she fucks it all up. But Anna is all running around and getting engaged to strangers she doesn't know. That stranger is called Hans, and he is such an [spoilers redacted]. But of course, Elsa's powers freeze a bunch of stuff and she runs away to the mountains, where Idina Menzel sings Defying Gravity and creates a new castle, just for her to live in. Of course, her sister chases after her in an attempt to locate her sister, but gets disoriented due to the amount of snow that has fallen. 

Enter totally-not-the-love-interest, Kristoff. He's a fucking cutie pie. Seriously. Quit making animated dudes absolutely adorable on the inside and the outside. Because it's not fair. I like to imagine him and Anna like Han Solo and Leia. Nerfherder and Princess. Together forever <3

Does Harrison Ford have any attractive, single children? 

But he's signifigant, as he helps her find her sister's castle. I can't elaborate, because I've already said too much. But I will say, at the end Anna's life is in danger and she needs an act of true love to save her. 

Going into this movie, I though Olaf would be super duper fucking irritating. He was a little, but for the most part I just ignored him. I liked how he tied into the movie though. Sven, the reindeer, I was afraid they would go stereotype Disney and make him talk. They didn't, and the path they took with his character was actual perfection. 

So, a fun anecdote. I was going to go read some Anna/Kristoff fanfiction (also known as studying to write my own. I need to know headcannons.) and went and picked some out. Out of the eight I had chosen, one of them was Anna/Elsa/Kristoff, two of them were Kristoff/Elsa, and two more of them were Anna/Elsa. This isn't Game of Thrones, we don't need incest. I read the first Game of Thrones, and when Jaime's sister was talking about how she felt complete when she did the dance with no pants with Jaime, I just about cried. The moral of this story is has really gone downhill, because people don't categorize things as well as they should. 

Also, this movie parallels with the musical Wicked insanely well. We've got a guy in white pants (Hans/Fiyero), a wicked witch (Elsa/Elphaba), a caring friend (Kristoff/Boq), and a sisterlike image who wants to help (Anna/Galinda). Plus, Elsa wants to protect her sister from her powers, and is tired of hiding them from herself. Plus Idina Menzel. Her voice is so beautiful. 

All in all, an actually perfect movie. I was so happy when I saw it, and I found it a touching story. Mostly because I have two younger sisters that, even when I hate their guts, I'm rather fond of. Blech. That was almost way too sweet.


A thought- Did you know people still ship Luke/Leia? I thought it was already established that it was Han/Leia. 

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