Sunday, 16 June 2013


Disclaimer; I will be very light on spoilers. Since I think that this is one of the greatest things to ever exist, things will not be discussed to heavily. I want you, the reader, to watch the socks off this movie. 


As I have already pointed out, it is a good film. Actually, a great one. It might not be the proper cup of tea for those who are not fond of sci-fi, a simple plot idea, adorable puppy eyes, and the awesome concept of rock 'em sock 'em robots, but replace a robot with an even bigger alien. 

Awesome bits.
-The robots and the aliens. I know that this is a big topic, well essentially the whole film, but whatever. The Jaegers (robots) and the Kaiju (aliens) are glorious. Combine them, and geeky ovaries everywhere exploded. Even the manly ones. 
-Charlie Day. He's so freaking cute! Seriously, though. 
-The fact that they had Owen from Torchwood. Well actually, they had two different lab rats, one of which was played by the same guy who did Owen. I nearly lost my shit in the theater. The other guy kind of looks like J. J. Abrams, but plays a kind of crazy scientist who is a Kaiju junkie. Not to spoil too much, but they get into mischief. Also, the other scientist is Charlie Day, if that gives you an idea. Freaking hilarious stuff though. 
-They're all casual feminists. They have female Jaeger pilots, and they don't throw giant fits about equality or any of that. It's just more of a 'you're qualified, you're in the job' situation. As long as the minds are compatible (not explaining. Spoilers!) things can occur that are awesome. Like the next thing on the list. 
-Those fight scenes. Holy shit. They were so beautiful I want to wear them as my wedding dress. Beautiful in the sense that while things were getting gross, the animation or cgi or whatever was so magnificent. The film has such a wide scope, and everything looks so legitimate. I totally believed for two hours and a bit of my life that we had giant robots like that. 

Not AS awesome bits.
-No monkeys in diapers. None. 
-Such a predictable plot. But the twist was great. But so predictable. 

Well, look at that. A whole post. Now I'm going to watch the 2009 Star Trek and embrace a world full of geek. Plus Spock. 

Yeah, I went there. That's a legitimate picture that I took. 


A thought- Was Caeser a spicy guy? 

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