Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Not That Bright of a Light Bulb

The best class in school belongs to Mr. Coe, a teacher I once told a dirty joke to. Now, we've got the best crop of students; the funny and nerdy type. Not the annoying ones that don't get anything (well except one) or any exes. 

So today there was a girl who asking about making things blow up, and if we got to light things on fire. When our teacher to,d her no, he also directed her to the counseling office. Then the girl behind her, who was totally not mentally present, clued in. 

"Wait- what class am I in?" (Or something like that. She was SUPER confused.)

Needless to say, the entire class needs therapy. Except me. I'm the same one. 

For once, a picture that makes sense!


A thought- WHY IS DAVID TENNANT SO GOSH DARNED CUTE? Is this how being a teenage girl works?

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