Wednesday, 25 December 2013

American Hustle

The title is to be read in a heavy New York (or New Jersey) accent. That's the only way to properly do it. 

So it's the Oscar movie season. One of the worst times for me, mostly because the theater we have in town only gets one movie a week. Right now they have Desolation of Smaug for three weeks, which means I have to travel out or pirate the movies I want to see. I don't like pirating things, so usually I try to go see movies legally. There was a phase where I was okay with watching a movie on the Internet, but now I'm against it. 

Since this is short and I'm not movitivated to go google 'american hustle' here's some photos of Jeremy Renner; actual perfection. Of course, he's in the Avengers because getting American Hustle stuff would make mfing sense. 

We open the film with a nice, high definition shot of Christian Bale's beer belly/hairy 70's chest, followed by a nice 2 minute clip of him fixing his rather elaborate comb over. If that doesn't sound super attractive, it gets better. We also get a scene with Bradly Cooper having his hair in super great curlers. They're fucking pink and it's fucking hilarious. 

While on the topic of hair and prosthetics, oh God did this movie succeed. We had the most gorgeous updo's, and most of the men's cuts were very sleek and stylish. I could hardly tell the main character was Christian Bale. Hardly, because he still has that nose wart thing. If you've ever seen the Nolan Batman trilogy, you know what I'm talking about. It's super distracting and perfect. 

So the plan of the movie is the FBI (Bradly Cooper's role) gets these two con men (Amy Adams and Christian Bale) and their main goal is to nab some of the biggest white collar criminals; mobsters, senators, the lot. They create the necessary connections and everything to make their story the most believable. The only reason all these wealthy white collars are hanging around New Jersey is because they want to help rebuild Atlantic city. 

I really liked this movie. Go see it. I even kept this spoiler free, and perfect. Everything is good about this movie; the acting, the cinematography, the scripts, the directing, everything. And if you don't like it, go put a Christmas tree in your ass because I DON'T CARE/I LOVE IT


A thought- Merry Christmas guys. 

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