Thursday, 20 June 2013

Clinic music

I feel like I'm in the dry part of some romantic comedy drama flick. Or a movie in the Twilight series. I've been sitting in the waiting room of the clinic from 8:40am -12:30am and then again right now, from 2:20pm- anywhere between 3:30pm and 5:00pm. If you are unsure what this means, it's code for I've been here too damn long. But the worst part isn't the waiting here for my dad to get off work, nor is it the uncomfortable chairs, or the fact the patients waiting are always staring at me. (Purple hair isn't that weird. It isn't.) The worst part is the music that they're playing. 

It is probably enjoyable music for some, but to me it's freaking horrendous. It's instrumental pieces that seem fitting for either a dramatic scene in a western, or a coffee bar. It's songs that have no reason to exist, other than to just be played in certain places, like this one. Sometimes it's some mellow, smooth song that has someone singing over the tune with words about love or some shit like that. Actually, I stand corrected. Some are orchestral pieces like 'Jupiter' from that planets concert thing. But it's still boring. Robin plays that clarinet solo better. RIGHT ROBIN?

In other words, I feel like I'm intruding on the love and social lives of the elderly who talk about peeing in cups. Plus it got too warm in this damn room for me to wear my sweater and freakishly long scarf so I can be the mysterious purple haired crazy woman in the waiting room who doesn't do anything but read and type. 

To sum this mess up- holy batman on a unicycle light on fire riding through a pile of feces this is boring. At least it isn't the visitors room in the hospital. Urgh I've spent precious hours of my life there, hours I'm never going to get back. 

Right now I wouldn't mind a little friendly company. Or hateful company. 

UPDATE: I got to go home at 3:15pm because my mommy loves me. 

I feel for you, Javert. Things look bleak. But I won't jump off a bridge while singing. 


A thought- Why can't waiting rooms play trashy pop music, or something I could at least dance REALLY embarrassing to?

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