Thursday, 20 June 2013

Emotional Dump part 2!

This section will most likely be the longest, and I will get very emotional. It'll be similar to post traumatic stress disorder or syndrome. But I will be okay. Also, this is being written in a clinic waiting room while I waste time. I hand out at my dads work when I have to waste time. Best daughter ever. And best big sister, so stop trying to take my spot. SPOILERS. 

The Tenth Doctor

Let's start with the first season, and why that was so not okay. Let's pretend to limit this. Really, David Tennant had at least three seasons, because he had three companions. So maybe three paragraphs? No promises though, but lots of pictures. It opens with the Doctor and Rose FINALLY going on a date. Kind of. They fight aliens in a hospital, and things happen the rest of the season that really strengthens the belief that the Doctor loves Rose, and Rose loves the Doctor. Not just for his hair, or how he looks in those ridiculously dorky glasses. Nope. Not at all. There's an instance in which he is about to fall down a pit to confront satan, and he says; 

There are to other episodes I'd like to touch on before we move onto the finale. One had to do with televisions eating faces off, and Rose's face accidentally gets sucked into a tele. When the Doctor finds out, he is absolutely livid. The intensity of his care and concern and passion for Rose is ginormous. It's amazing. I had chills. The second time is when Rose saves the Doctor by doing what she thinks will work. It's absolutely beautiful. He gets out, lights the Olympic torch, but she can't find him at the street party. Suddenly, the Doctor shows and he's all giddy about edible ball bearings. Then everything went straight to hell. 

Doomsday started out with Rose Tyler talking about how that is the story of how she died. I was stupid then, and kept watching, although scared. What if she did really die? How? Is the Doctor okay? Did she did from his love being too big and it made her heart explode, but now she's a time lady? (I was very naive then. I'm not now.) Daleks and Cybermen come to mess up the world,and then the parallel universe gets involved. If they had stayed out of it, everything might not have happened. Instead, Mickey, Jackie, Pete, and all the people come, except Jack, to fight cybermen. In the second part of it, the part that broke my heart, the Doctor figured out that there was a dimension he could put all the bad guys. Rose decides that she's going to always travel with the Doctor, and gives up ever seeing her mother again. Then, as they are closing the portal that ate up all the things that have traveled through time (they were holding onto things that wouldn't let them get sucked up.), Rose lost grip. Good thing her dad came back to take her to the parallel universe, but she was gone. No way to get through that wall. 

Innapropirate, I know. 

Then, he sends her to Bad Wolf Bay, where they have their last conversation. He burns up a sun for her, just so say good bye. Rose is crying, the Doctor isn't crying but is in emotional pain, and the watcher is bawling and yelling at the screen. The call finishes before the Doctor can finish his statement, the one we all wanted to hear. 

"Rose Tyler, I-" and he's back in the TARDIS alone, and cries. 

This is longer than I expected. But they loved each other! And she was gone and that was no cool and that just argh what is air this upsets me. It upset me. My boyfriend at the time was a 'whovian' and encouraged me watching the show. Except he wasn't there for me when I needed him. Way too immersed in his bullshit to even have the decency to give me a hug the next day because I was emotionally disturbed. He laughed at me. LAUGHED AT ME. My pain isn't funny. 

The worst part was he didn't ship Rose and 10. Leaky Anus. 

Something to alleviate the pain. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.


A thought- How do you properly wear a scarf?

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