Sunday, 30 June 2013

Monsters University

This movie was good. Great even. Which is partially the reason why I figure I better wrote a review of it. That and I deleted, by accident, my Superman review and so I figure another should take it's place. To preface my lists and short elaborations, a little back story. When I saw the first Monsters Inc. movie I was quite young and had to leave the theater because of how scared I had become. Then my dad started calling me 'shmoopsiepoo' or however that's spelled. Ever since, it's been the family film of ours. As much as we love Les Miserables, and regardless that my siblings all know the words to every song of Rocky Horror, that is our family movie. OH OH OH DID I MENTION SPOILERS

I cried a little. 

Now, on with the show! Let's make a list of the best parts, which was to be honest, most of the movie. 
Baby Mike Wazowski. Cuter than a button and such a sad but straight to the point childhood dream. Not to spoil much, but he goes and shit occurs and he decides he's gonna be a scarer. 
•I want to go to that university. Way back last year, they had an advertisement for the university itself. If they have an English program I would totally be in. Plus, in the actual movie, it was so cool. I'm pretty sure that when Sully spills that red cup, the contents weren't water though. Not cool. 
•The fact it touches on legacy. So, Sully happens to be the son of a really popular scarer, one that was super good. But, gasp, Sully isn't like his dad at all! Everyone expects the best of him, and he doesn't feel he can deliver. It also helps him learn that he can study too. 
The way some of the characters are from the original.This might be a touch spoiler-y, but the yellow people come back to help with a human child crisis. One of them says that they will always be watching Mike and Sully. Well I was cracking right up. It was hilarious. 
•That nearly direct lead up to the original film. Enough said. 
•IT WAS BEAUTIFUL, MAN. Not just the actual movie itself, but the little short before it called 'The Blue Umbrella' was equally gorgeous. Pixar is my friend. Pixar is my childhood. HEIL PIXAR!
•That ending. Sully rigs the games, it turns out, and that's why they won. But he fesses up to it, and en they get expelled from the university. Sully and Mike don't go back to the uni though. They go get jobs at Monsters Incorporated, as mail workers, and move their way up. I guess this ties in with the direct lead to the original film, but this is my blog post and not the readers. Yet. 

Maybe there might be something wrong with this movie; 
•We already know how it ends. So almost any and all moments meant to make us worry are kind of wasted. 
•Needs more David Tennant. 

Why can't he be in family friendly, not heart breaking movies that may or may not be animated by Disney? He was in Pirates as a voice....but I think a sequel to Beauty and the Beast with this man would be sufficient. Or Bennedict Cumberbatch. 

To do a quick, pointless summary I will rate it on both an Imdb scale (1-10) and a Rotten Tomatoes scale (0.5-5), as I will rate them. 
Imdb- 9/10
Rotten Tomatoes- 4.5/5

Best character, hands down. 


A thought- Catfish have mustaches. Not whiskers. Though isn't that a synonym for mustache?


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