Thursday, 27 June 2013

Theory no. 3

When I was a baby, mom used to watch a lot of VH1, namely anything really that had 80's music. Among the many wasted nap times I thought I didn't need, my mother would do laundry and watch one hit wonders or something similar. This is different from my grandmother, recently dead, who would let me watch Star Trek with her. That was always fun. I'd play dolls while Data and some other person did intergalactic alien crap and blah blah Star Wars rocks. 

So as a result, most of my childhood is geekery and the 80's music scene. Not to mention some 90's and early 2000's. Since I was young, I was impressionable. So I have a theory in which that music is embedded into my mind and the choice to listen to it is subconscious. 

My mom wanted a wine snob child who would be sociable and listen to her kind of music. She has me, 1/6th the reason she drinks, growing into my geekery, tea snob and not very social. My mother doesn't know how lucky she is though that I'm not a stereotypical teenager though. I don't drink, or party, and I'm very much so literate. 

To sum up: I'm going to have 'Like A Prayer' stuck in my head the rest of the day. 

I wonder when my Wonder Woman comics are coming in. 


A thought- What the sweet blue batchrist is Tubthumping about?

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