Sunday, 8 September 2013

Captain America #10

 I like Marvel comics. I REALLY like Captain America. So it shouldn't be a surprise that I read the modern, as well as the world war 2 era, CA comics. But I have an issue. For those who know about comics, this will make sense. (Spoilers?)

So Ian got killed in Dimension Z, by Sharon. I get that he got his mind wiped, and his sister then fell kind of head over heels for the Stars and Stripes. But then Jet Black meets Sharon and learns that Ian is dead. What's a girl who has lost EVERYTHING to do? Well, if you said go fucking crazy and commit mass murder, then you win. Because she is also partially responsible for the death of Sharon Carter, Steve's fiancé. 

But it is revealed that Ian lived, even though he is now a ghost. Or maybe the primitive race THINKS he's an alien. All that matters is he lived. Sharon also died in Dimension Z, so does she live too, or is she dead dead? She may not have been grown in a test tube or pumped full of Zola's magical crap, though. So I think she's very dead. But there's a part of me who doesn't want Captain America's love interest to be Jet Black. He's supposed to marry Sharon!

You're not my mother. 


A thought- If there is one thing that is good about Honey Boo Boo, it's that she is being raised to be very self confident, something not a lot of people are. 

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