Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Livin' On A Prayer

In he mornings, since my mother (Batman has PARENTS!) works night shifts as a nurse, I make lunches for the young ones. Every morning I play music loudly off the radio. Really, it's a great experience for me. Because I get hyped up on caffienated beverages and put cheese on bread while singing and dancing. 

Sadly, it is not the best thing for those other people. I can't sing worth a shit, and I'm captain white girl dancing. I'm also shit at making lunches. Plus the music changes. One day might be the entire Gatsby soundtrack, but then there'll be broadway tunes and trashy pop. Maybe even trashy eighties pop. Yeah. 

Oh, and my dad is sleeping directly above the radio. He really loves it when I play 500 Miles eight times in a row. 

(Update: I know a lot of Bon Jovi)


A thought: in the eighties, was it just music?

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