Sunday, 8 September 2013

Rain and it's mysteries

So it is official they once again made the mistake of putting myself and Batman in the same chemistry class which means double the trouble! Anyways the other day in chemistry class it was raining and our teacher decided it would be a good idea to make us feel like we were in elementary school again and start drumming on the desks so we could pretend it was raining in our class. After our class's failed attempt and lose of bonus marks for not being enthusiastic we went back to class. Later on our teach decided to to be captin obvious and point out it was raining our class made some smart ass comments and laughed. Then at lunch batman got me hyper and if you have ever seem my hyper I act like I'm drunk! We were going outside in the rain and I pushed batman out first and said you are our sacrifice but instead of saying we are going to give you to the rain Gods I said we are giving you the rain Gods. So now thanks to me Batman thinks she is special and she gets rain Gods.

Thought for the idiot of the day 
How did we first people learn to communicate with each other?


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