Sunday, 24 November 2013

Day of the Doctor

Today was the Day of the Doctor. It was an over-all good experience, for the most part, and an episode I would like to watch again. Sure I have issues with it, but that will be elaborated on in list form in a little bit. I just want to take this time to say that the BBC wants to kill off the wholock section of the superwholock trilogy. They released Day of the Doctor and a new 10 second trailer for the christmas episode of Doctor Who (when Matt Smith regernates, God bless his soul) and a new 30 second trailer for Sherlock. Obviously they just want everything to happen today. I mean, their website is crawling along at ridiculously slow speeds. 

But to now elaborate! I will make a numerical list of things that were wrong (or perfect) with Day of the Doctor, or things that at least bugged me. This entire party will be full of spoilers, for the record. Also, the tumblr screenshots were from my dashboard on Saturday. It took a long time, but I found the best one. 

[doweoooo intensifies]

1. Billie Piper doesn't play Rose Tyler. Instead she plays Bad Wolf, and there is no interaction between her and the tenth. It made me incredibly sad, especially for that part at the end. The War Doctor, John Hurt, says something adressed to Bad Wolf, and tenth hears it and his ears perked. Seriously, when he couldn't see Rose I got rather sad, because he was sad. David Tennant, professional cutie pie. 

2. The Time War is a thing but isn't a thing but is again. What might be the better way to say it is that this episode was confusing as fuck. If you didn't already kind of understand the type of writing Steven Moffat has perfected, also known as confusing as fuck, you get confused. It was way too hard to follow. 

3. Remember that plot with the zygons? Yeah, me neither. It was an interesting plot, and I liked that part the most. Except they leave it alone and we never get to see how everything develops. I wonder if that will tie into the Christmas special, but probably not. 

4. Ten was super-duper out of character. Like, there is fanfiction out of character that usually ends in smut with Rose and/or Jack, and then there's Fiftieth anniversary. Fiftieth was worse, in my opinion. He was all 'go with the flow' and married Elizabeth 1. Yeah. 

5. No daleks. That was good. I hate those guys. 

6. Steven Moffat, since the actual airing of the show, has been telling people that the counting is a certain way. I don't like it. I will continue being the normal one. He has also eliminated any grief from the show, which is making it kind of tedious to watch. We know that everyone lives and blah blah blah. It's leading to the poor quality of the show. Moffat is also a jerk. 

Overall, I liked the 'movie' but it wasn't that good. A lot of build up for a little explosion, versus a big one. I wanted a big one, full of intense moments and laughs. There weren't many intense moments. 8/10 stars. 



A thought- Why do teachers let us use HCl? (an acid that burns flesh)

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