Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christopher and His Kind

Normally I wouldn't write down anything about a movie I watched on Netflix, just on a whim because I knew the actor. But seeing as I have WAY too much free time and a startling lack of a social life, let's dig into this cryptic movie. I hope that through doing this I will understand the movie better, which is why teachers make you dissect the things you watch in class, normally. Just in case anyone really was wondering. 

The movie opens with Christopher (played by Matt Smith) moving to Berlin against his mother's wishes. She mostly has issues with it because his father died fighting the Western Front in WWI. But Christopher is an author who is going there to find cute boys and to meet up with his friend, the poet. Not 15 minutes into the movie, he's bedded at least four guys. In one instance the camera actually shows Matt Smith humping some dude. I watch Doctor Who, and this guy is the 11th. The 11th Doctor humped some dude. I can't take him seriously. 

I guess I better mention that one of his conquests is a fellow named Caspar, who was whoring himself out to buy whores. Yup. That and in those first 15 minutes, you see not one but two pensises. 

He then meets the English neighbor he has in the apartment complex he lives in. She is named Jean, and she is going to be an actress. I quite liked this character, as she was very full of life. She wanted to be a famous actress, wanted to drink champagne every day, and called herself a whore (though really all she did was sing in a nightclub. With clothing on.) She has a boyfried, too, who just happens to walk around naked in one scene where Christopher is there, third wheeling as hard as he possibly can. It's hilarious. 

Another character we meet is a street sweeper named Heinz. He happens to bat for the same team, and is attractive. But they live in pre-WWII Berlin, and Hitler is hanging around. This is interesting because of how Heinz's mother gets a generous donation from his boyfriend, yet the brother is still willing to turn on Christopher. They do not get a happy ending, though they do get closure. It's quite sweet, really.

There's a fellow named Gerald who is also a supporting character. He's into this super odd fetish stuff, is also a queer, and is the person who got Christopher that room he has. He does die, or at least is displaced. There's also a landlady, but since I can't remember anything about her I'll just pretend she wasn't all that important. (She really wasn't that vital)

There is a line repeated throughout the movie; "You've got to stick with your kind." This is a main motif for at least half the movie, and I kind of understand why. Christopher doesn't really know where he feels most at home, because at home his mother is really just no fun to be around. His poor brother was very dedicated to his mother though, and that was sweet. But the reason that Christopher came to Berlin, Mr. Poetry writing man, left him. Then Jean's boyfriend buggers off, leaving her pregnant. She gets rid of the baby. (Cue American Horror Story theme? Flip you that's funny) Not a few days later, she also leaves. 

Remaining at that point is Heinz and his family (Minus the father, who also died at the Western Front) and Christopher. Caspar dissapeared and when he is found again, he is a nazi. Heinz's mother dies, and his brother becomes a nazi, leaving him alone. He goes home with Chrisopher, but has to return, where he is arrested by the Gestapo. This leaves Christopher to figure out who his kind are. 

Are they the gays, his family, his friends, his books? It is brought up that people are happier when they are where they belong, and I don't think he knew where he belonged. He had that crisis when he didn't know who where his friends, and I found that touching. 

Upon furthur reading, this movie is supposedly more about the nazis and homophobia. I'm sorry I didn't get that. 7/10 stars. But I did get that Christopher was a big guy in some homosexual legislature or something along those lines. I found it touching and enjoyable, definitely a good way to spend a four day weekend. 

Fun fact, Smith shot this film during a break from Doctor Who. Moffat and some other dude told the guys directing this movie that he was not allowed to have full fledged ass in any scenes. Meanwhile, I have a .gif set of him running into the ocean naked on my tumblr. Look how far that got you, Moffat. 

I ship it. 


A thought- If one is attracted to older men, is it equal parts daddy issues and the fact that they are attractive, or what is the proper ratio? (David Tennant is flipping perfect. Seriously. Marry me.)

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