Sunday, 23 June 2013

Armpit Fudge

There is this dessert one can make at camp called armpit fudge. It is really good, when made correctly. Yes, you can make it in your armpit. Yes, I have done that. At SOAR. We were discussing this dessert and it's possible variations one night over supper at camp, when my guider brought up a life changing subject; armpit fudge can be made anywhere warm, like armpits and the groin area. Now, this is a girl guide camp, and I already accidentally said 'fuck' a little too loudly. Almost immediately a thought popped into my head, a thought that required me to put down my fork and cover my mouth. 

This thought was 'Now I understand why it's armpit fudge instead of vagina fudge.'

Vagina fudge. Oh boy is that hilarious. 

Penis fudge doesn't sound as funny. Boys have cooties though. 

Here's a picture of my cat to make you feel better. 


A thought- How many women have contemplated marrying Kevin Bacon for the last name of Bacon?

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