Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Great Gatsby

Another Batman post? Yes. Also, if you are not familiar with Gatsby, spoilers are approaching. Take this as you will. 

Another movie review!

I'm going to pretend someone will read this. Another movie review, in the loosest term possible. So to make this as quick and humorous as I can, let's make more lists! 

Issues I personally had with this movie:
- Toby Maguire was not in the right role. Everyone else was superbly cast, except Nick. He just didn't play a confused, easily persuaded alcoholic. I could've played Nick. Why didn't they cast me? I can do a pretty killer Nolanverse Batman voice. All manly and crap. 
- The backgrounds were so blatantly animated sometimes. At least they were pretty. 

The best parts, in my opinion, of the movie:
- That soundtrack, and it's uses, were amazing. Especially when Myrtle is killed, the use of 'love is blindess' is beautiful. I had chills. 
- the 3D made the movie look more polished, look a lot more grandiose. 
- Leonardo DiCaprio. Must I elaborate? Because I'm not going to. 
- The last lines, how they were typed out on the screen and totally just wow. 

All in all, a good book and movie. 8/10. 


A thought- In this movie, Nick is played as totally gay for Gatsby. Gatsby also has a giant car. Overcompensating for something, Jay?

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