Thursday, 20 June 2013

Emotional Dump part 3!

Let's carry on where we left of last time. The Doctor had lost his beloved companion and the world was crying. At least those who cared where. Except those who didn't like Rose, they probably were out consuming nutrients and kicking puppies. My tears had dried the next night afterward and so I started with the new companion. 

Some say Martha was a horrible companion, and while I was watching that season I didn't like her either. But that was when my wound was fresh, and now I understand Martha. She had fallen in love with the Doctor, constantly pointing out that he was like fire, and if you got too close he'd burn you. The Doctor was too busy ignoring Martha to angst over the loss of Rose, or so I believe. Theories, anyone? That season's finale was with the master, where Martha nearly got killed but the Doctor was also nearly killed, and the master. He was a good villain, and thank batchrist he wasn't into daleks. But he was into drums. I will elaborate on that later. Maybe. Martha leaves the Doctor after that experience. I don't blame her, those three episodes were terrifying. 

When everything cleared up, the Doctor got the sassiest, loudest, very fabulous Donna. She was great, oh boy was she. Until the first finale. The daleks (?) we're messing everything up, and so everyone had to come together to save the day. The everybody includes the following;

Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane's kid
Captain motherfreaking Jack Harkness
Some Torchwood friends (Owen and Gwen?)

That's right. Rose was there. She doesn't reunite with the Doctor until he nearly dies, and regenerates into himself. Jackie kisses him a lot, and something shocking happens. Donna is trapped inside the TARDIS, and something happens, and the Doctor's hand cloned a new Doctor. Two doctors, and Doctor Donna. That's all you need to know. Those who watch the show know what I mean. That's all that matters right now. Rose has to choose between the two doctors, and chooses the clone because she has to. The real Doctor doesn't get to say he loves her though, in fact he asks her if it needs to be said. 

For the record, the guy in the blue suit is the duplicate. In the first half that Rose is the Rose possessed by Cassandra, aka bitchy trampoline. 

She did get a happy ending. Just not the right one. 

He also has to brainwash Donna because she has the mind of a time lord and therefore the awesome will make her explode/die. Not cool. 

(Anything about Donna not remembering. The one maybe about recognizing 11)

The second finale is the most gripping, saddening thing I think I've ever seen. Our loved Doctor joins forces with Donna's grandpa (?) and saves the day. But what happens is the bad guy and the master are bringing back the time lords to fuck shit up. Not cool. Skipping to the end, skipping to the end.... The Doctor kills the time lords, gets pumped full of radiation to save Donna's grandpa, and proceeds to regenerate. In his final moments, he says goodbye to Mickey and Martha, who got married, gives Jack a boyfriend (of course), gives Donna the winning lotto ticket at her wedding, and goes back to 2005, just to see Rose before she met the Doctor. He then goes back into his TARDIS, an ood was singing, and suddenly Matt Smith. 

Yeah, also innapropirate. Because that isn't possible. 

Wow, were on our third emotional train wreck of a series of blogs that describe the crap that goes on in Doctor Who. I'll try to not be so long winded next time. (That's a lie.) 


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