Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The epicness of chemistry 11

Did u half fail that?
Maybe 1/8th of a fail. I'm pretty confident. You?
I'm confident I failed 
 I'm sure you didn't. What's so hard about names? I can't speak for you, but I get along quite well with my periodic table. Zu
Lol I forgot the s8 thing?
Ya but it has a specific name
Well shit. 
Lol u get it wrong too?
Maybe. We will have to find out  
Lol sooooo oh I blocked Doug on Skype 
I don't have to. Got rid of that no good waste back in August.  
Lol we should watch bill nye l
Yes. This Mole shit is incredibly boring.  
Ikr that the reason I brought out the note pad 
Good. I'm on pg 92 and retained NOTHING 
I'm on pg nothing 
You rebel, you
Illegal flower in my hair tech in class and not reading the chapter I should be put in jail!! Lol if I was put in jail what do u think I would have done?
All that you've listed above AND manslaughter. 
Lol nah I think I would have done something with u like getting drunk and pissing on a cop car!!!
Three exclamation marks? Really? 
Also, cops really love their cars. Don't pee on cop cars. 
But then we would have marked it as our own and we could drive around and steal a zoo 
Stealing a cop car? Yes. Stealing a zoo? Totally. But peeing on a cop car is a little far. 
So better then licking it
Now is a great time to use than, because at first glance I thought you were pissing on the car and then licking it. Grammar is important. 
Nah remember we will be tell our children that we had books with proper grammar and spelling.... Grammar doesn't matter 
Yes it does. I think it does. It's relevant to me. 
We need a big finish to our convo 
I think Mr. Coe just alluded to Star Wars an that excites me in the sense he actually partakes in media such as the cinematic masterpiece if Star Wars. 
Fail of an ending 
This was batman and mine note after are chemistry test 

Thought for the idiot of the day.
Sometimes the questions are hard and the answers are simple. Dr Seuss


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